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Experience picking your own fruit and garlic scapes during the summer; pumpkin and garlic in the fall. As well as Christmas trees during the holiday season! You can collect sap from our maple trees and birch trees during the spring. Contact us for private and group bookings.


Volunteering at Les Arômiers is an exciting opportunity to see first hand how food can be grown and how our animals play a vital role to the health and success.


We offer DIY year round wreaths, planters and bouquets made from real greenery, evergreen clippings, wild flowers & other organic materials found on-site. Let the beauty of nature be the centrepiece in your home.  Family fun for all skill levels! Call /text or email to scheduale.


Take part in private or group gourmet tours of our land. The farmers at Les Arômiers will take you wild harvesting and will explain how it can become delicious food.


We invite you to come to the farm on weekends between 10am and 3pm. You can stop to smell the flowers, visits the animals, meet new friends & pick up some delicious artisan products like our famous "Pickeled Young Spruce Tips".



Children & adults alike will enjoy viewing our farm animals up close. Learn about their roles and what life looks like on the farm. You will learn how to care and feed them. Everyone plays a vital role in agriculture. That includes the animals which indubitably earn their keep!

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